Glengarry Glen Ross Dave Moss (male) Classic Chic Productions / Rachel Peake, dir.
Ensky'd & Sainted Collette Alley Theatre / Marisa Smith, dir.
Sherlock Holmes & The Case of the Jersey Lily Lily Langtry Theatre Crossing Equity Collective / William B. Davis, dir.
The Winter's Tale Leontes (male) Classic Chic Productions / Lisa Wolpe, dir.
Present Laughter Joanna United Players / Adam Henderson, dir.
Adult Entertainment Jayne Squidamisu Productions / Elizabeth McLaughlin, dir.
Hamlet Gertrude Project X Theatre / Samantha MacDonald, dir.
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead Gertrude/Ensemble Project X Theatre / Amy Baskin, dir.
F Cyborg Actor Kokoro Dance / Barbara Bourget & Elizabeth Dancoes, dir.
Coriolanus Virgilia/Mob Mad Duck Equity Co-op / John Jack Paterson, dir.
King Lear Knight/Gentleman Shakespeare Centre (showcase) / Donald Adams
A Moon For The Misbegotten Josie Hogan United Players / John Jack Paterson, dir.
Silverwing* Bathsheba/Penelope/Owl Carousel Theatre / Carole Higgins, dir.
The Wind In The Willows Judge/Jailer/Jeffreys/Weasel Chris McGregor, dir.
Lava & Bones (US Tour) Madame Orphic Mortal Coil / Camille Gingras, dir.
Laundry & Bourbon Hattie Building Blocks Productions / Dolores Drake, dir.
Other People's Money Kate Theatre North West / Ted Price, dir.
House & Home Cecilia Cor Departure/Evergreen Cultural Centre / Thrasso Petras, dir.
Chickens* Butterball Pacific Theatre / Kerry Van der Griend, dir.
Lady Macbeth - The Secret Life Lady Macbeth Cor Departure/Evergreen Cultural Centre / Claire Fogal, dir.
To Wit, To Wed, To Woo Leslie/Cessario/Mom Theatre Tart/Horned Moon / Andrea Heald, dir.
The Mousetrap Miss Casewell Arts Club Theatre / Nicola Cavendish, dir.
Twelfth Night (North American Tour) Maria Repercussion Theatre / Jack Langedijk, dir.
Romeo & Juliet Lady Capulet Repercussion Theatre / Cas Anvar, dir.
The Comedy of Errors Abbess/Officer Repercussion Theatre / Jack Langedijk, dir.
Taming of the Shrew Baptista (female) Studio 58 / Campbell Smith, dir.
Counter Service Mado/Mme. Bernier Studio 58 / Kate Weiss, dir.
Lysistrata (Peter Anderson) Masque Ensemble Studio 58 / Robert Metcalfe, dir.
This is Locus 20 D/Dancer/Ensemble Studio 58 / David Bloom & Chick Snipper, dir.
Cabaret Two Ladies/Kit Kat Dancer Studio 58 / Robert McQueen, dir.
A Nightengale Sang Joyce United Players / Sue Lyster, dir.
Return Engagements Miranda/Miranda Jr. Metro Theatre / Dale Kelly, dir.
Lips Together, Teeth Apart** Sally Deer Lake Players / Jim Sheasgreen, dir.
Big Maggie*** Mary Madden Stage Eirrean / Dale Kelly, dir.

* - Jessie nominated performance

** - Best Production, Theatre BC Mainstage

*** - Best Supporting Actress, Theatre BC Vancouver Zone Festival