“Corina Akeson makes a luminous Ranevskaya. If you’re tempted to think that the character’s refusal to cut down her cherry orchard is trivial, wait until you see the look in Ranevskaya’s eyes when she first gazes at the freshly blooming trees upon her return home. Akeson is a woefully underused talent. She deserves to be performing roles like this on major stages.” - Colin Thomas, The Cherry Orchard

“There is a heartbreaking scene towards the end where Joey comes to her for salvation, with Akeson playing both the human and zealot that is both breathtaking and devastating.” - Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents, A Good Way Out

“Corina Akeson finds a wonderful balance between Sonny’s machismo and his underlying vulnerability.” - Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents, Corleone: The Shakespearean Godfather

“Among Corleone’s standouts are Corina Akeson, also the sound designer, who shines as both Sonny Corleone and Johnny Fontane…” - Andrea Warner, The Georgia Straight, Corleone: The Shakespearean Godfather

"There are actors in this world who don’t get enough attention. Corina Akeson is one of them." - Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight, A Winter's Tale

"...but a big part of her success here, as in The Winter's Tale, comes from the fact that she's not afraid of her character's power, physically or emotionally: she takes the stage with exhilarating authority." - Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight, Glengarry Glenn Ross

"...(Suzanne) Ristic's first appearance at the Chinese restaurant with Corina Akeson, in an equally strong performance as Dave Moss, is simply enthralling.  These two create a dynamic that makes it one of the show's most memorable scenes." - Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents, Glengarry Glen Ross

"Corina Akeson's gender-crossing turn as Leontes in The Winter's Tale was so full of meaty, macho feeling - Akeson's work was so enthusiastically committed, she was so into it - that watching her was like eating a steak.  More directors should be casting this talented woman." Colin Thomas, 2014 Some of The Best of This Year in Theatre

"...that initial transformation from loving husband to jealous beast is incredible to watch." - Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents, A Winter's Tale

"...played with a moody nobility by Corina Akeson..." - David C. Jones, OutTV, A Winter's Tale

"...and her portrayal is a wicked cocktail of charm, hauteur, and wounded dignity." - Kathleen Oliver, The Georgia Straight, Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lily

"Corina Akeson at her vampy best" - Jerry Wasserman, Vancouver Plays, Present Laughter

"Akeson, as Joanna, is catlike in her pursuit of Essendine.  She's a slinky femme fatale in that satin gown, hiding sharp claws and teeth when Joanna doesn't get what she wants." - Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier, Present Laughter

"Corina Akeson has no trouble at all steaming up the set as Joanna Lyppiatt." - R.W. Ederle & Ed Farolan, Review Vancouver, Present Laughter

"Akeson succeeds in conveying Josie's inner strength and intellect..." - Gillian Lockitch, Review From The House, A Moon For The Misbegotten

"I also particularly enjoyed the depth of emotion that Corina Akeson brings to the almost wordless role of Coriolanus's wife, Virgilia..." - Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight, Coriolanus


"20 Questions with Corina Akeson" - Vancouver Presents, July 25, 2014